Just refuel & Go

How it works?

You drive towards the pump and our camera detects the vehicle’s license plate. After refueling you are automatically charged aaaand you are free to go. No need to go inside or even reach for your wallet.

It’s time-saving. It’s carefree. It’s easy. Just refuel and Go.

It is the next step towards full automation. The system reduces clutter and simplifies the payment process. It also keeps the gas station running 24/7 without supervision.

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Who are we?

Young and self-driven. A team of four highly skilled engineers brought together by a hackaton contest. After winning, we continued actively to develop our new payment system. Members are:

  • Josip Balić – hardware specialist
  • Matko Đipalo – experienced web developer
  • Filip Krišto – web and IoT developer
  • Duje Roje – embedded developer

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Developer: EASY OIL d.o.o.
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