The system works in four simple steps:

  1. Automatic license plate recognition
  2. Refuel
  3. Automatic payment
  4. Go

Steps one and three are unseen by the user. So all they do is just refuel and go. But, to better understand the system let’s cover those background processes as well.

Let’s say John is a user of EazyOil. John drives a car. John doesn’t like to waste time or complicate his life. He likes things to be simple.

As John drives up to the pump, motion detection is triggered and the camera captures vehicles license plate.

The license plate is matched with the user in our database. In this case John.

Since John has registered with his bank account to EazyOil, he gets a green light to go aheadĀ and refuel.

As soon as John puts the nozzle down, the system charges his account for the amount he refueled.

John can now drive away knowing that the payment process is already done. No need to go inside or even reach for his wallet. It’s that easy.

John is free to go on and enjoy his life. John is a cool guy.